Parents Speak Up!

The Speech that Drove SD22 (Vernon, BC,) School Board to Walk Out, Blast Music, Turn Off Lights

Note to the Reader

In considering the address to the school board on December 13, 2023, it is paramount that we focus our judgment to the matter at hand: specifically, the criminal actions of our school board members.

It is in this light that the key points brought forward that night by the speaker  become all-important. Her charges deserve to be reviewed and weighed by the whole Vernon school district community.

We deal here with criminal misconduct against minors and crimes against humanity; offences which require the immediate replacement of the entire school board. Here, then, are the speaker's key points:

 ". . . .When corruption, greed, profit, and criminal activities enter the classroom, as we are seeing today, our children suffer horrendous consequences. Reflecting out in a myriad of ways such as self-hate, self-rejection, self-denial, self-harm, and self-mutilation. This has led to extreme depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide, of our most precious, the children.

"The parents and/or guardians of each and every child have full right and authority to demand complete transparency as to absolutely everything that is occurring with their children. Especially pertaining to the safety and health of their children; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. Parents should never be threatened, denied, lied to, bullied or shut down when requesting direct answers from those whom have consciously chosen to place themselves in positions of authority.

"Men and women acting as school workers, at every level, are public servants. They are each completely accountable to the parents and children in their care. It is the full responsibility of the men and woman acting as teachers and school workers to ensure that parents have full disclosure at all times pertaining to the needs and occurrences of their children.

"The men and woman functioning on this school board are responsible and obliged to listen to each man or woman acting as a teacher or school staff member when important concerns for the children’s welfare arise. Without threat, coercion, intimidation, and risk of losing their job.

"It is the responsibility of every man or woman acting in a position of power over the children to ensure the protection of the children in their care, while under their watch. It is the full responsibility of every man and woman working within the school “system” to work in harmony with the parents and/or guardians of the children. Ensuring parents are notified of All activities occurring, that directly effect and impact their children’s health and well-being; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually.

"The activities and actions which have occurred under your authority, the panel of men and woman sitting here today, of your own free will has been to participate in crimes against children and crimes against humanity:

  • White tents were set up to inject children with bio-weapons without knowledge and/or consent from their parents
  • Pamphlets were given to students directed at teaching children how to lie to and deceive their parents
  • Boys and girls bathrooms are being merged into one so that children do not have privacy from the opposite sex while utilizing the washroom, most concerning is for young adolescent girls first having to deal with the beginning of their menses
  • Working in conjunction with little pharma towards child self-hate, self-mutilation and transexual agendas aimed at the extinction of the human species
  • Pedophelic grooming and sexualization of children not capable of mentally or emotionally coping, much less even comprehending the true sacredness of the sexual union between two grown adults
  • Subjecting the children to facial and audio recognition programs so they may be rated and valued for AI
  • Bringing in of transexual counsellors and drag queens to confuse and pervertedly sexualize children on their sexual orientation and gender identity is an absolute assault to the very Soul essence of each and every child
  • Turning children against their parents, family and those who love and protect them under the guise of “you know better than the parent of the child”, thus breaking down the sacredness of the family unit which is fundamental for a healthy home and community
  • Blatantly refusing to disclose your hidden agendas, while doing incredible damage to the psyche of the children
  • Pre-uploading our BC’s children’s data for the Chinese Communist Party
  • Direct threats and intimidation to the men and woman working within the school system for speaking out about their immediate concerns for the children’s welfare
  • Bringing questionable people into the school environment and not disclosing to parents when asked directly if any of these people have been cleared by police record checks and pedophile databanks
  • Taking bribes from foreign corporations, or any corporation in exchange for child data collection

"No one is obligated to participate or obey when it comes to crimes against children or humanity. It is a free will choice of each and every man and woman here today. As an adult, capable of thinking and acting on one’s own will, thus responsible and accountable for all actions or non-actions pertaining directly to the health and welfare of the children they have accepted the position of power over within their care.

"Quoting the SD22 website directly… “SD22 100% supports all two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or questioning, intersex, asexual, plus… matter how you self identify…..we support all our students, staff, and families”.

"With this statement one must ask the question: Is this written for the health, well-being, development, and growth of children or is it an ad for a pedophilic whore house? God’s children are not for SALE.

"You state; “We support all our students, staff, and families” Well, my brothers and sisters have some questions, and they absolutely deserve to be heard and answered fully and completely. Thank you."

Sexualized Books at SD22

"Sexual predators must be stopped from abusing our children."

"I am a very concerned for the wellbeing of our children!"

"Why are Sexually-Explicit Books allowed in a library where children go to learn?  It seems the Vernon, BC (SD22) School Libraries have taken open minded to another level. Children will be traumatized by such books, parents need to assure that their children's minds are not poisoned with  filthy smut. These kinds of books belong in adult book shops NOT libraries where children learn."

"This is absolutely disgusting. They have no business having this kind of trash in any school. In fact it should be illegal to even publish this trash."

"These books are NOT beneficial for educating children ... they do not belong in our schools."

"It's illegal, criminal, evil!"

"These books have no place in our schools where children need to be learning how to read, write, spell, mathematics, art, physical education' these books are nonsense and need to be in adult porn stores; where adults can make these choices if they so wish.  Not our children."

"Pornographic material has no place in schools!"

"It’s disgusting 冷 !! Imorale ,Perverted "

"When I was in high school I went to Church every school day, & made the priests breakfast before leaving for school. When I was 16, the Assistant Pastor grabbed hold of mex& kissed me full on the lips. I was in shock. I was very innocent & naive. I ran like he'll out of there to school. I was so tramatized, I never told a soul for several years. I finally told my parents when I was 40. It affected me the rest of my life"

"This is moraly  wrong and the fact the library allow it is disturbing to say the least."

"It’s wrong!"

"The children need protection."

"Reason: as a massage therapist,I have heard grown men &  woman share trauma based sexual abuse stories. The sadness of a long road to this recovery is sensitive and revealing. Often sexual abuse occurs from a said relative or family /friend. Knowing that stories “entertaining “ a impressionable youth filled reader in a teen or preteen library is just poor decisions from leaders who are responsible for the mental, emotional well being of the next generation. Books that expose content, about how a parent wants to have a child exploited sexually in a library for children & youth, is just irresponsible. The pornography industry I see sick enough and has not been illuminated. The last thing a growing mind needs is to engage in stories about how a “dad penetrates a daughter sexually” . What has this world come to? I am signing because there I start a difference between right and wrong."

"This is disgusting and wrong and children should be taught that this is not love but abuse"

"What is wrong with the supposed adults in charge of children that would even allow this to happen?"

"I moved to Vernon and have grandchildren there and am very troubled with books like these. Please remove sexually explicit books."

"this nauseates me - I cannot believe that YOU, are living here in Canada, as a Canadian Citizen and are unable to see what is terribly wrong with this. What is the matter with your head?  Did Universities brainwash you? the media?  the 'nice name' attached to being Inclusive, diverse, ?  whatever - wake the hell up!! From a mon (not religious) of SIX kiddies and 5 grandchildren.  I will fight till the bitter end on this. SHAME ON YOU!! for not standing up for the children - appalling."

"Our children need to be protected…schools are no longer a safe or trusted place if they think this is ok."

"This is ludicrous to share “unhealthy” sexual content to children! Grooming them to be abused and accept such sexual atrocities is beyond my God given Christ conscious mind!"

"Because children should not be groomed by evil agencies dressed in the blood of murdered children that sexualize minor attraction as okay... God is my and the children's protector."

"Vernon schools need to be cleaned up from brainwashing students!"

"This material should not be allowed in schools period!"

"Theses left wing groomers are despicably targeting children. It must end."

"I think type of crap doesn't belong is schools."

"Our educational systems are there to teach our children how to learn.  The gov't run ministry of education shouldn't be using or misusing this system to preach their Leftists agenda of Critical Race theory supports."

"It is unconscionable that this is even happening in our society.   Our children need to be protected from this pornographic material."

"I do not support the ANTI-LIFE agenda."

"As a mental health professional, I work with a specialization in childhood trauma and recovery. Children being exposed to unwanted and age inappropriate sexuality is very damaging as they cannot handle such information overwhelm so young and it steals their childhood. Not only that, longitudinal studies show that early exposure to sexuality as young as 9 creates deviant behavior later in life such as domestic abuse or sexual assault behaviour in order to feel the same level of "excitement" they once had, which also creates a sexual addiction. This is grooming at the highest level and we need to stop traumatizing children in a bunch of ways, especially with sexuality and gender confusion. Let kids be kids again, so we don't have to help heal so many wounded adults later on. Removing pedophilia from the DSM (diagnostic statistic manual of mental disorders-a clinician's tool) and replacing with minor attracted persons (MAPS), is also something that needs to stop. Pedophilia IS child abuse, and needs to be treated."

"This is not how you bring up children by putting pressure and confusing them! Your job is to keep them safe and teach them reading, writing , history and arithmetic! To do what your are now doing is a criminal offence and you will be eventually held accountable!"

"I want Sexually Explicit books removed from our schools!"

"These books in the schools is disgusting..."

"This is sick and wrong and absolutely unacceptable!"

"It's so wrong, how did this book get in a school?"

"This is Absolutely Disturbing. Children do NOT need to be exposed to this. This is word porn and abuse. So this book is introducing CHILDREN TO PORN AND SEXUAL ABUSE! No just NO!!"

"This is absolutely disgraceful and appalling to have this in a school, normalizing pedophelia."

"This is extremely inappropriate."

"The woke sickness in our schools has to stop now!!!!"

"Absolutely unforgivable to give children access to this!  All those involved in our school district should be viewed as child predators and loose their jobs immediately!"

"Because kids need to be left alone to be kids . I am sick of this pedophile movement trying to groom the children for their own grossly sick demented ideas."

"What fking school is pushing that shit? who's in charge there? that's the questions needing to be asked."

"These books should not be allowed in any school or library."

"I completely disagree with exposing children to any form of illicit sex or incest!"

"This is sick! How can any sane person think this is okay for children to read? It’s not even okay for me to read!"

"Kids should be kids and not be exposed to this."

"I do NOT want my tax dollars funding this material..   REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY."

"If it isn't blatantly obvious why this reading material should not be accessible to CHILDREN. We are DOOMED. It's absolutely ridiculous this subject even needs a petition to be removed from school libraries.  Protect our children!!"

"I don’t believe sexually explicit books should be available in schools k-12."

"Pornography degrades a child's morality. Forcing pornography on children stimulates shame and guilt in children leading to low self esteem. School boards are breaking Canadian law by failing to protect children from pornography. Teachers and librarians are agreeing to violate Canadian laws by participating in these assaults on the minds of children."

"Children do not need to be taught this curriculum as it encourages sexual activity well before the child needs to know."

"Children need to be children in order to grow healthy both in body and mind.  Grooming will destroy the young and future generations.  Keeping kids safe is our duty as a community."

"WHAT is happening to our society that anyone would even think this is remotely okay to even publish let alone have in a school system!!!  Nothing but complete groom tools to corrupt the minds of children."

"This is very disturbing and explicit and should not be in a School Library."

"These sick twisted pedos need to stay away from minors."

"This is sick degenerate pedophile grooming, nothing less. The perverted nihilists have taken over the school system and this pedophile grooming of our children must be stopped. Criminals are in charge of our institutions."

"I am honestly embarrassed that this would even be allowed, and I have to sign a petition to have it removed. I would like to know who actually allowed this material? This is beyond disgusting, remove it now!."

"I'm signing because it is against the law to use violence against pedophiles and  school board members. School board and pedophiles same type of animal if these materials are permitted."

"These disgusting books of incest, rape lessons on sex acts etc. need to be taken out of our schools!!!! Protect the children and stop this abuse!!"

"Children must be PROTECTED!!! never ever be part of perverse-dangerous society of creeps!! NOW"

"Absolutely not appropriate for any level of school. Remove this and any like it. Stick to the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic!"

"It is filthy incestual garbage!!!!! Shouldn’t be allowed in librairies especially where anyone can get a hold of it!!!"

"It is simply ungodly!"

"This is sexual abuse and developmentally inappropriate for children of any age.  I suspect children are deliberately being primed for acceptance of pedophilia and incest. Get this trash out of our childrens' libraries now."

"This material is inappropriate for children and should be banned."

"This is horrific to know that children can access these reading materials in the schools that should be a safe space free of harm , the people bringing these books in need to be reviewed as to why they are in these positions in the schools. As well as they should be , they should be held accountable for bringing such offensive books into the school. The book that is referenced at the top of this petition if it happened in real life , the dad would be jailed for sexual assault on a minor . This is NOT ok!"

"The is immoral and criminal."

"Such offensive material!  Obviously the people who made the decision to include such literature in a library are not fit to be working for the school board."

"We need to stop sexualizing children."

"This is totally disgusting and inappropriate even for adults.  This should definitely be banned for children.  Is is twisted and sickening!"

"What kind of sick people are ruining our children and schools, if the school boards are willing and accepting this trash for the children..Someone needs to clean house on the people choosing this garbagE and do a more background check on them.Despicable.Times change morals should not,, this is so unacceptable."

"Not appropriate."

"That book should not be in any library, especially a school library!!!"

"This is sexual abuse to expose children to this pornography!"

"This type of book does not belong in a school library."

"This is a terrible terrible thing to subject children to. who thinks up these things??"

"This content is inappropriate and not age or psychologically accurate or appropriate for a school library. Stop trying to shove your agenda in our faces!"

"Books like this are absolutely inappropriate in any context. A perversion of the family."

"It's disgusting! Not acceptable at all!"

"This is abhorrent, we are censoring classic children's novels and pushing material like this. Destroying the hearts and minds of our most vulnerable. Shocking, disgusting and obscene."

"This is disgusting and should not be in schools for children to see."

"Morality needs to return to our out-of-touch educational system."

"We must protect our children."

"These books are unacceptable for our children.  They deserve to have parents that will stand up for them and say this is enough.ENOUGH!"

"Our school system SHOULD be responsible in instructing our children to become capable, functioning human beings NOT sexually indoctrinating them in any way! You do not get to normalize diverse and perverted propaganda in our publicly funded arenas of education."

"Schools exist to provide children with basic education, not indoctrination into woke alternative ideology."

"I oppose the sexualization of children."

"That is absolutely unacceptable! What kind of a world are we living in to teach our children like that? Come on, let’s get real--I know the world has many ups and downs but this year is absolutely at the bottom, I am not putting up with any more of this crap!! How can we have a better world or community, with this kind of stuff in our library?? Give us a break!"

"We need to protect our children."

"It’s disgusting. This is not education. Full Stop!!!"

"This is disgusting. When did it become okay to accept any of this with regards to our children? Adults who allow this should be ashamed of themselves."

"Sexually explicit and/or sexualized literary material has no purpose in public schools."

"This is so wrong and I am so angry that this woke stuff is getting into the schools, especially the younger grades. This crap has to stop and stop now!"

"Books containing explicit depiction of sexual acts, talking about rape, incest, pedophilia, etc have nothing to do in public or shool librairies."

"These kind of books are totally inappropriate to have anywhere in the education system. This is pure pedo pornography. Absolutely disgusting."

"PURE EVIL….what they are doing to the children."

"This is child abuse."

"These books are not appropriate. They are sick!"


"This is ridiculous to have any child read!"

"Exposing children to this disgusting material is the lowest lowest thing I've heard of."

"Having LGBTQ representation is good, but As a student, i wouldnt want to see a large explaination about intercourse."

"I am horrified with the content in these books."

"stop sexualizing children"

"This type of sexually explicit language is grooming children and feeding pedophiles.  We must allow children to remain innocent and continue to monitor people who are abusing them."

"Disgusted with these unacceptable teachings."

"It's unacceptable to teach this at school!"

"These books do not belong in our schools -- they are offensive!"

"Discussion of sexual content must be left to family and not school!!"

"I am appalled, this is not educational!"

"It’s certainly not appropriate for children of any age ‼️"

"These books are promoting sexual content not meant to be seen by children!"

"Children are not put on earth for our sexual pleasure."

"sexual abuse is vile"

"These books are harmful to our children. They have no place in the hands of a child."

"This is absurd …it’s demonic …sickening how anyone thinks these books belong in any library let alone school children’s libraries…it’s madness."

"I do not agree with any literature like this existing in any school."

"These books are disgusting and should be burned and banned from our schools. How did these books even get into the schools? Isn't there a screening process that books go through? This was never ever the case in my experience as a student in schools in Alberta."

"This is completely unacceptable."

"The SOGI program is a child grooming program."

"These books are disgusting and absolutely unacceptable to have anywhere near a child of any age."

"this is just messed up. i really do think this isn't stopped because someone, sometime, will try to make pedophilia legal."

"This is unacceptable for our children to be reading."

"This is more than disgusting.  As parents, we are to protect our kids, not groom them."

"In my view, the worst gender-based crimes against women and girls are:Human trafficking, sex slavery, forced prostitution, child prostitution, child pornography and sadistic pornography, forced underage marriages, child marriages, FGM.However, it becomes particularly clear and obvious in the generally recognized prostitution and pornography, here all misogynists, sexual sadists, rapists and women destroyers can let off steam with impunity.I fight against prostitution and pornography for life. The shocking autobiography of the Irishwoman Rachel Moran shows how bad the whole thing is and in one case a bad case of a flat-rate brothel, the Pussy Club in Fellbach. Here I complained to the women's representative and several women's organizations. As a result, there was a police raid, the brothel was closed and the traffickers were brought to justice and punished. And my own experience of being sent sadistic pornography of the worst kind by cyberstalkers. I reported some of the worst producers or complained about them."

"I am a Grandma and absolutely Appalled that this got past to be available in the shelf if our local library."

"I don’t agree with having this type of literature for children . It should not be in our schools.Bring back morning Bible readings and the Lord’s Prayer!!"

"It's the no-brainer thing to do. KEEP THE CHILDREN INNOCENT."

"There is no place for this material in our school systems.  It is deplorable."

"These people are sick to allow the goverment/board of éducation to push this. Does no one care enough to stop this in the school system or are they all bought?"

"This is sick that this kind of material is being made available to kids. There is an attack on their innocence."

"This is not educational. It is a disgrace to have such as this while removing great authors' works!"

"THANK~YOU for your HEROIC wisdom, action, integrity and compassion to protect and provide for the HUMANE TREATMENT and WELL~BEING of THESE CHILDREN, and ALL Children; NOW and in OUR Future!!"

"Our children deserve to be protected from sexual predators."

Parent Feedback on Budgetary Concerns at SD22

Recently, School District 22, Vernon Area, put out an online survey based on their Budgetary Strategic Plan and how money could best be allocated.

The answers given by parents are revealing. 

     "Bring back letter grades. Life is not fair. The children here now don't try as hard since this new system was put in place.

     "There needs to be more EA's. There are more kids with behaviour issues and there are not enough EAs to cope. All I hear from my kids is how other kids disrupt the class when they are supposed to be learning and the poor teacher can do nothing with these kids.

     "Kids are learning math later now than before. Kids are now 4 to 5 years behind where they were 20 years ago. They are falling behind from all this other stuff being allowed in the schools. The schools need to get back to the basics of learning.

     "Quit focusing on how everyone is different. Isn't it obvious? We are all different. We need to point out how we are all the same and not draw so much attention to how we are different. Everyone deserves respect regardless of their differences. Focusing on how people are sexually different is not the answer. This needs to be removed from the schools. All these kids see is how they will get extra attention for being different and none if they are the same. They are all capable of greatness regardless of their individual challenges."

     "My child can't get the support she needs because you can't retain EA's. EA's can't even support their families with this career choice. Something they all seem to love to do, but can't AFFORD to do. Now, MANY students, like our daughter, are unsuccessful and excluded due to lack of SUPPORT. (Yes, my daughter brings in funding). The severe shortage of REQUIRED support staff is leaving hundreds of children to fall through the cracks."

       Note from editors: More comments will be added as time permits.