Who We Are

Welcome to Youth Advocates! We are a North Okanagan/Shuswap-based consortium who cares about youth and parental rights. Since 2016, the he BC Ministry of Education and Child Care has contracted with an independent organization, called SOGI-123 (www.sogi123.com). The SOGI-123 was pre-approved via a contractual agreement, to provide SOGI inclusive resources for teachers! It is not clear that professional educators in this province have had any input, other than from special interest groups! As well, there is no evidence of an existing (and much-needed) review board for this K-12 program. Localized school boards, teacher unions and CUPE are failing to partner with parents who do not automatically align with current internationally-driven ideologies and initiatives.

We are here for parents who:

  • feel that their bond with their child/teen has been impacted negatively
  • feel intimidated by the school system
  • realize that they are not being heard
  • are aware of troubling changes in their child/teen
  • feel out-of-the-loop about what their child/teen is being taught
  • do not know to whom to turn for help
  • believe that their child/teen has been traumatized
  • question the validity of educational practices
  • are concerned about medical coersion and the dismissal of their beliefs and directives
  • feel betrayed by mandates and current laws that strip them of their rights

Our concerns at present are:

  • the politics of sex creating dysphoria in our children and teens
  • political ideologies taking the place of academic skill building in the classroom
  • minors being subjected to constant questioning of their sexual orientation and gender
  • minors being encouraged to take chemical hormones (puberty blockers) which produce irreversible changes and leave them infertile
  • minors being told that becoming another gender will make their lives happy and glorious
  • chemical hormones: they cause cancer (19 times increased risk) and have to be taken for life
  • transitioned minors having the highest rate of suicide (40%), 7 to 10 years after their transition
  • that schools need to provide resources to warn minors of the real risks involved and the life-long impact when transitioning to another gender
  • by sexualizing and confusing youth, they are being groomed and set up to be victimized by sexual predators or become predators themselves
  • C-4 which is a Canadian law (January 2021) that by-passes parental consent. It is now against the law to not support your child in their transition to another gender   LINK

Today's warning bell is the school bell. Parental consent is being overridden by an indoctrination which pits children against their parents. Youth are being conditioned by school staff, without the parents' knowledge, even though parents are still legally responsible for their children's welfare. Parental rights are being stripped and students are being groomed. Our educational system is now in direct opposition to parents who have a dissenting voice that challenges their school district's ideologies and initiatives.

At Youth Advocates, we begin by empowering parents, because the parent-child bond is both biological and emotional; it is the integral fabric in the makeup of your child. Those genes are your genes, not the teacher's or administrator's, not the school board's, and certainly not the government's!

Your parental rights over your child's/teen's life and education are God-given. If you have lost your rights, they can and will be re-established through our support, with shared vigilance and a constant demand for accountability from all educational stakeholders: the Ministry of Education and Child Care; the Board of Education at each school district; school administrators; Parent Advisory Council (PAC); and K - 12 educators.

Practise our Youth Advocates strategies to ensure that your child has a truly safe learning environment that focuses on their academic skills.

Join with us. Stay connected. You are not alone.